Bridge saw AW TS with 4 axes

Four axes bridge saw with automatic rotation of the head

Monoblock bridge saw GLD TS with 4 axes

Monoblock bridge saw with easy installation, not require foundation

Monoblock bridge saw MBS

Monoblock bridge saw for orthogonal straight cuts, flexible and efficient

Cutting, edge profiling, polishing and chamfering machine MAS

The ideal solution to perform different processes with a reduced investment.

Floor grinding-polishing MAXBT-CE

2-head floor grinding-polishing 3-phase machine, ideal for large work surfaces.

Saw with fixed bridge TFM

Monoblock saw with fixed bridge equipped with compressed, rectified, chromed “active beam”

Looking for Stone working machinery?

If you are looking for experts and long lasting bench saw machines, bench saws for stone or floor grinder, look at the new on line catalogue from Achilli, a leading Italian company in the manufacturing of stone working machines.

Stone working machines


If you search for floor grinder, floor polishing machines, marble and granite bridge saw, tile cutting machine, wet tile saw, or any other kind of innovative granite and stone tools or machinery, in Achilli’s new website, you will find specialized detailed information you need on machine models, technical data about their highest capacity of loading and work, cutting speed and guarantees.

Achilli is an important company in Italy and abroad, known for its innovative technological products at balanced prices, deriving from ideas suitable for your small or big marble and granite cabinet, responding to your specific requests.

Achilli produces several kinds of machines, such as machines for cutting granite, stone working machines and machines for building companies, conforming to your workshop needs. More information about the last innovative products?

Enter Achilli’s on line catalogue or fill in the form to make your own request!

stone working machine AW TS


Have a look at the new on line catalogue of Achilli, the leading Italian company in the sector of high quality granite and marble processing machines: bench saws, bench saws for stones, floor grinders, floor polishing machines, marble granite bridge saw, tile cutting machines, wet tile saw, innovative machines for cutting granite and stones, stone working machines suitable for big and smaller workshops.

Achilli’s on line catalogue is divided into three main categories: machineries for stone works, machines for floor-layers, machines employed by building companies.

For example, in the new catalogue you can have a look and the technical details of several models of sawing machines with mobile bridge and tilt, supplied with turning table for marble and granite slabs cutting, innovative models of auto transformers designed with a sturdy and compact structure, portable machines for marble and granite cutting or polishing.


The very last Achilli proposals take into consideration a wide range of workshop needs in the sector of stone marble and granite working. You can get very compact structures, highly functional, at balanced prices, affordable for a small workshop activity.

Make your personal request by filling in the contact form, so that Achilli’s experts will be able to propose you the most suitable model for your workshop and stone working.

The Italian company Achilli manufactures innovative technological products with the use of world class quality control procedures, to guarantee its clients the highest quality and performance of machinery.

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